Snow Days

Snow days have always been some of my favorite days. I’m very much a homebody, so a day where you are specifically told not to do anything other than staying home obviously appeals to me. I like having the time to chill in my pajamas. I will say, however, that snow days in college have a whole new joy. No walking around in the slushy snow to get to class– getting the entire bottom half of your legs soaked to the bone in the process. No trying to figure out when during your day you can actually get your mountain of homework started. Snow days in college carry a different kind of relief.

Now, I’m not saying that my friends and I didn’t spend a fair amount of time lounging around (because we definitely did), I’m just saying that we weren’t making lists of movies to watch, but rather lists of work that we now had ample time to complete. We have had a total of two snow days this semester (only one that affected me), but somehow those few days were enough to make me feel like maybe I had some semblance of control over my growing number of assignments.

I think that college snow days hold a different kind of magic than those of elementary through high school. There is something about being stuck in a dorm with so many others in the same situation, that is just so much more joyful than having a snow day at home. I think that I saw more people moving about in the dorm those days than I have since welcome week. Everyone was just so happy to not have to go to class. Not to mention those in the dorm not from the area having a snow day for the first time. It’s the small things like that that made a snow day in college sort of magic.

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