Online School and On Campus Living

Homework in bed: the norm of online classes.

Online classes have become the norm for schools around the country, and while my university is not all online, all of my classes are.

I started online classes last March along with most of the students in the world, and with the start of the new school year I started online classes again.

I am on campus this time, living in my sorority house, but the online classes do still interrupt what I know to be the normal college experience.

I see less people throughout the day and I haven’t met any of my professors in person. It’s hard and different and uncertain. No one has really done this before on this large of scale. It’s scary. (Though not having to walk in the rain is a plus).

Zoom classes and online notes are how most of my classes function, yet WiFi goes out regularly and finding quiet places to work in a full sorority house are struggles.

But I honestly do feel lucky to be on campus and surrounded by my mask wearing sorority sisters, adding a safe normality to my days. We fear being sent home regularly, but I think we all are taking in the time together while we have it.

Online classes are not ideal, but we all are working through them for the safety of everyone. I just hope my GPA isn’t a casualty of bad WiFi.

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